Ursula Ricks January 19th at One World Coffeehouse

Ursula Ricks January 19th at One World Coffeehouse

Ursula Ricks January 19th at One World Coffeehouse
7:00 pm

Ursula Ricks is tha shit, period, end of story…….well, that’s what her colleagues and fans will tell you. For 32 years, Ursula Ricks has been holdin’ court with her unique, spellbinding vocals, unique for it’s range, energy, and depth her vocal grabs you by your heart and shake’s loose what you don’t need, leaving you with a well being in your soul that compels you to discover the Ursula Ricks beyond the entertainer.  And if you do so, you’ll find just that…..Ursula Ricks, unapologetic, opinionated, big-hearted, and most importantly, authentic.

Born in Baltimore and raised in Texas, Ursula’s music takes you on a journey through a life of Funk/Soul/ and Neo-Blues. Even when belting a non-original composition, she has an uncanny knack to somehow convey the originality of the music as if she were the song’s originator; maybe because her voice comes from that same place that so many great songs derived, a place of true soul and humanism. Through songs and idea, Ursula creates paths to greater living, leaving her audience free of worries, dancing, laughing, and making friends in a roomful of folks they had never met before. In short, Ursula makes you feel at home. Backed by some of the best musicians in the Baltimore/DC area, Ursula Ricks Project gives a musical experience that is nothing short of riveting.

From Cape May Jazz Festival and Pennsylvania Blues Festivals, ARTscape to Arteach, the Jersey shore to Down the Ocean in Maryland, from Rehobeth Beach and Cape Canveral, Ursula Ricks is the real deal………her music, voice, and message transcends so many of the divides experienced today. Young and old, black and white, brown and red, rich, poor and middle class, all love and respect her as she does them, bestowing upon her the title of “Queen of Baltimore Soul”.

Tickets can be purchased in advance through www.brownpapertickets.com 
Proceeds help those in need through Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia’s charity outreach
For more info: www.uucolumbia.net/concerts or www.facebook.com/oneworldcoffeehouseconcerts or www.youtube.com/user/OneWorldCoffeehouse
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