Parents as Sexuality Educators

Parents as Sexuality Educators

The information and attitudes that adults share with their children—intentionally or by default—carry extraordinary power. It is a power that many adults struggle to wield effectively and confidently. Often, their own experiences, perspectives, and worries get in the way.

Join us for Parents and Caregivers as Sexuality Educators, a new program is to help parents and caregivers to get comfortable with sexuality topic discussions with their children. These sessions invite you to find support and courage with one another.

This class will continue via Zoom for remainder of the program.

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August Schedule

  • August 7: Session 9 — Social Media: Integrity in a Changing World
  • August 14: Session 10 — Pornography: It’s Not Sex Ed
  • August 21: Session 11 — Unplanned Pregnancy
  • August 28: Session 12 — Ethical Non-Monogamy


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