Realm Database Workshop 101

Realm Database Workshop 101

When UUCC staff mention our database, Realm, what is your reaction? Confusion? Uncertainty? Frustration? Cynicism? If these or any other adverse emotions pop up, this workshop is for you! In this 101 Workshop, UUCC staff member, Hannah Nelson, will go over the basics of Realm such as logging in to your account, editing your information, accessing your giving information, using it as a church directory, and more! This workshop is especially useful for newer UUCC congregants or anyone having trouble accessing their Realm account.

For the most fulfilling experience, please bring your smart phone*, tablet*, or laptop to the workshop. There will be handouts with step-by-step instructions you can bring to your at-home devices as well. 

Seating is limited due to a small space. So please consider emailing Hannah ( ahead of time so she has an idea of how many seats we need. 

Not available that day? Already know the basics of Realm but want more? No problem! We plan to have more of these workshops, including ones that are more in-depth in the future. Stay tuned! And feel free to email Hannah with a request to remain informed.

*If you are using a smart phone with internet capabilities or tablet, you will have to download a free app called Realm Connect. Hannah can help with this in the workshop if you are unable to do it ahead of time.


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