Positive Perspectives Gained from the Pandemic

Positive Perspectives Gained from the Pandemic

Have you become frustrated and weary with how COVID seems to consume every aspect of our lives and goes on and on and on with no end in sight?

Maybe you would like to join us for a conversation about some of the positive insights gained during this year of the pandemic, on Zoom, of course.  Join us on Sunday, March 7, at 2pm (EST) to consider shifts in  perspective that will strengthen the muscle for seeing how something good can come from something horrible or to share something good you have learned, seen, or experienced.

Important note: We recognize that this year has been difficult and full of grief and loss. And that for some of us, there is little good to be found. We will hold space for those harder experiences as well, with the goal of offering primary space to share silver linings in a group setting for those that are able to do so. If you have had a particularly hard year, you may wish to skip this event.

Hosted by UUCC Member Dianne Dunlap. Open to all.

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