Turning Circle (Moon Ritual)

Turning Circle (Moon Ritual)

Turning Circle is an open, eclectic Pagan circle. Our unifying thread is an Earth-based spirituality, revering the Earth and her interdependent web of life. We do not follow any one particular Pagan path, rather we embrace them all. Those who believe in one God or Goddess, many Gods and Goddesses, or no Gods at all are welcome in our midst.

Our rituals reflect this variety of beliefs. Rituals are run by volunteers from our membership, and since our members follow a variety of paths, you may experience anything from a Wiccan ritual, or a Druid high day, to a Buddhist meditation, a Yoruba celebration, or a Shinto rite.


  • Oct 8: Honoring Departed Animal Companion – Led by Selene
  • Oct 29:  Samhain – Led by Indigo
  • Nov 5: Moon Ritual – Led by Mav
  • Nov 19: Moon Ritual – Led by Ann
  • Dec 3: Moon Ritual – Led by Indigo
  • Dec 17: Yule – Led by Phoenix

Join us virtually on the above dates using this Zoom link!


Want to join us or have questions?

Please email group leader Alex Cauthen-Zach: alexxphoenix@yahoo.com.


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