Turning Circle

Turning Circle

Turning Circle is a Pagan spirituality group that meets twice a month at our Owen Brown Interfaith Center on Fridays. We follow an earth-based faith, celebrating the eight Pagan high days, as well as some moon phases as we honor the interdependent web of life of which we are a part. We welcome friends and drop-ins.

Some of the special Turning Circle rituals will be offered multiplatform, with Zoom option available. Please see the date below for the link to the Zoom room. If you need something other than the link to access the Zoom, contact Alex Cauthen-Zach. Please note that each date is a different link, you must click on the link next to the correct date. 


8 (Waning Moon)  – TBD
22 (19 Spring Equinox) TBD *click here to join via zoom*

April 5 – Waxing Moon TBD
April 19- Earth Day – Deirdre

3 (4 Beltane) TBD
24 Full Moon rite – Mav

14 (Waxing Moon) TBD
21 Litha by Valentine *click here to join via zoom*

12 (Waxing Moon) – TBD
26 Honoring Personal Deities – Rowena

9 (6 Lammas) – Selene
23 (Waning Moon) – TBD 

6 Drumming for Peace by Phoenix
20 Mabon – Our 20th Anniversary  by Indigo & Phoenix *click here to join via zoom*

11 (Waxing Moon)  – TBD
25 Samhain – Sajana & Rowena

8  Departed Animal Companions – Sajana & Selene
22 Autumn Rite by Indigo

6  Dionysus Rite by Valentine – TBD
20  Yule High Rite TBD *click here to join via Zoom*

Want to join us or learn more about Turning Circle?

For more information, please connect with: Indigo Halo — 443-374-8633 | indigo@turningcircle.org or Alex Cauthen-Zach  — 410-782-9790 | alexxphoenix@yahoo.com or learn more through our website — turningcircle.org.


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