Turning Circle

Turning Circle

Turning Circle is a Pagan spirituality group that meets twice a month at our Owen Brown Interfaith Center on Fridays. We follow an earth-based faith, celebrating the eight Pagan high days, as well as some moon phases as we honor the interdependent web of life of which we are a part.

We welcome friends and drop-ins during non-Covid times, and ask guests to RSVP before joining us during times of high Covid cases.

Want to join us or learn more about Turning Circle?

For more information, please connect with:
Indigo Halo — 443-374-8633 | indigo@turningcircle.org
Alex Cauthen-Zach  — (410)782-9790 | alexxphoenix@yahoo.com
or learn more through our website — turningcircle.org 


Dec 9                Dionysius Rite – Valentine
Dec 23             Yule – Mav
Jan  6                Tarot Fair & White Elephant Gifts led by officers
Jan 20              Chinese New Year (Rabbit) Ritual led by Phoenix
Feb 3                 Imbolc Rite led by Indigo
Feb 17              Lupercalia Ritual led by Valentine
March 3          Tree Ritual led by Indigo
March 17       Ostara Rite led by Phoenix
April 14           Ritual led by Kait
April 28           Beltane Rite
May 12            Mike leads a seminar on the basics of enchanting.
May 26            Walt Whitman Ritual led by Mav
June 9              Pride Celebration led by Mav
June 23            Litha Rite
July 7                Cord Cutting
July 21             Hestia Ritual
Aug 4                Lammas High Rite
Aug 18             Prosperity Ritual
Sept 8               Drumming for Peace led by Phoenix
Sept 22            Mabon Rite led by Selene
Oct 13
Oct 27             Samhain Rite led by Indigo
Nov 3               Departed Animals Ritual led by Selene
Nov 17
Dec 8
Dec 22             Yule Rite led by Valentine


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