Women in the Old Testament

Women in the Old Testament

Women in the Old Testament (with Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Commentary) presented by Ken Walsh 

We will discuss how women have been portrayed and not portrayed in the Old Testament. Topics include women in activist, non-traditional roles, including Eve, Shiphrah & Puah, Deborah, Ruth, and Esther. And the portrayal of women in traditional roles, including Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Hannah. We will also discuss how Elizabeth Cady Stanton came to write The Woman’s Bible and the reactions to it. Our session is scheduled for 90 minutes with additional time available if needed for further discussion.

We will use Ken Walsh’s companion book, Bible Stories for All Without the Dogma, and the Bible for your optional pre-class readings. His book is available through the UUCC Book Store (for $15 including tax and free delivery as a registration option), or at Amazon, bn.com and bookshop.org (which supports independent bookstores). You can read the Bible online for free at https://www.biblestudytools.com/gnt/ or search online for Bible Study Tools. Scroll to Bible versions. He recommends the Good News Translation for easy-to-understand, common language.

Wednesday, March 23, 7:00-8:30


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