Young Adult Friendsgiving 🦃

Young Adult Friendsgiving 🦃

On Saturday, Nov 20, we are scheduled for a Freetown Farm workday from 11am-1pm. Let’s get together for a Friendsgiving potluck afterward!

Paige & her family have offered to host us, since they live just around the corner from Freetown Farm. RSVP to Valerie by sending her an email at valerie [at] to receive their address.

You don’t have to participate in the Freetown Farm workday to join us for the potluck. Please join us at the Gettys’ at ~1:15 regardless! But if you are coming to the workday, you can drop your food off ahead of time at the Getty home on your way to the farm. They know to expect food drop-offs between 10:45-11 in the morning.

To avoid one of those potlucks where we have 6 bags of chips and no vegetables, here’s a Google Doc where we can sign up to bring different things. (No pressure to make anything, and it’s okay if a bag of chips is what you can manage that week!)   👉 SIGN-UP LINK 👈

At some point during our time together, I’d love for us to read to each other. If you feel so inclined, bring some kind of written word to read aloud. It could be a passage from your favorite sappy romance novel, a poem, a thought-provoking essay, a weird thing you saw on the Internet. It could be serious, or not. Long, or short (though maybe limit it to 5 minutes max?). No topic is off limits!

Happy Friendsgiving!


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