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  • War, West Virginia

YRUU in Appalachia

Monday in Appalachia
Today, we learned from Big Creek People in Action’s co-executive director Marsha Timpson why she stays in McDowell County, why she continues 2 to work hard to ease the burdens of her neighbors, and why the groups that come here to work are considered to be guests as opposed to tourists.

We learned that sometimes, even when it seems like the work we are doing is similar to “putting out a fire with an eye-dropper”, it is still important to do it. We also learned something about hope and community and solidarity.

And we learned how to tear down rotting dry wall and insulation, how to use a circular saw, how to rip up four layers of bathroom flooring, how to cut metal roofing tiles, how to measure and cut dry wall, and how to sort a pile of screws in a dark room.

Tuesday in Appalachia
Each of our three crew teams accomplished a lot today and are feeling good about our new skill sets as we move forward on these big projects.

Be sure to ask your kids about the “wildlife” encountered by some of the crews, as well as what sorts of amazing things you can do with frisbees inside a gymnasium, and also how many funny anecdotes and tales you can share while commuting to the job sites through the winding mountain roads in this beautiful place.

Tonight in our circle a few of us sang a few verses of “Country Roads” because we just couldn’t help ourselves. icon-fire


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