“Feminism is my second favorite F-word.” I laughed out loud at my friend’s t-shirt. Yeah, I thought, I have a favorite F-word, too. (I don’t say it in front of my mother.)

Today I’m thinking about other F-words…


And the one that I hear from myself much too often these days: Fine.

“How are you, Paige?” I’m fine—as in, genuinely alright, okay, adequate, functional (another F-word!). There is nothing catastrophic to report. Basic needs are being met. Critical responsibilities fulfilled.

The people in our family are generally healthy, we’re housed, we’re fed.

There are even moments of joy and learning and frivolity.


There are more than the accustomed moments of worry and weariness and whining. There’s less vigor and enthusiasm and creativity.

I know I’m not alone in feeling merely fine. I know the past 18 months have been uniquely affecting for most of us. I know life is likely never again to be the same as what I accepted as “normal” two years ago.

And so I turn to another F-word: Faith.

Faith that together we—the family and friends that surround me, our local community, UUCC, humanity in general—do have what we need to heal, to thrive, to embrace life with vigor again. Maybe I’m not feeling it on a particular day, but I trust that not all is lost.

Feminism is one of my favorite F-words.

And I really like that one my mother doesn’t want to hear.

And today I’m choosing to accept the reality of being fine, while also embracing faith in what lies ahead.



  1. Becky Reese

    A favorite “f” word that I use in my leader development work is “feelings.” So often, at work (and sometimes also at home), my clients don’t dare to name and explore the messages their feelings are offering. Even if they do, they are often reluctant to share them with others and discuss what that means for their relationships.

    Truth be told, this is very hard for me too, but helping others with it also helps me grow. I’m hopeful that we can build more of the feeling “f” word into our relationships with each other in the congregation. Doing so would probably help us toward that healing and thriving.

  2. John Guy

    Rev Paige – Welcome to the big new world of the Big Five – Oh . And the shock it brings to one’s identity . May you Fix your Future sights upon the best the next Fifty bring rather than Framing the last Fifty as who you are . Thus begins maturity ,opportunity ,and awesome Fun and adventure of the next Five decades.
    With Faith please consider adding Finances and we have a Full winner For UUCC’s Future. Faith and Finances work together to help a church Flourish . Regards John Guy

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