February 2024 Board Meeting Highlights

February 2024 Board Meeting Highlights

The Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 6:30pm via Zoom. Minutes from Board meetings are posted here on the UUCC website. The following is an informal recap of topics discussed at the February 13th meeting.

Spiritual Practice

This month Kevin Mercer started the meeting with the following words:

“I collected optimistic data, put it in the context of bad analogies, seasoned it with saliency bias…added herd instinct, a pinch of confirmation bias…and here’s your strategy. Just add leadership.”
— Dilbert

For the spiritual practice Kevin led the group with a yoga breathing practice.

Endowment Board

The Endowment Board has been investing Endowment Fund Assets through the UU Common Endowment Fund rather than managing the funds internally since 2019. The Endowment Board would like to change the wording in the policies to reflect the above change. There was a discussion about the proposed wording being too restrictive for possible future Endowment Boards. The Board proposed that the recommended content be outlined in the procedures, rather than in the policies.

Committee on Ministry

Currently the Committee on Ministry does not have a specific mission statement. The Committee would like to clarify its scope of activity, which is discernment with the minister. There was a discussion about benefits of a mission statement versus a description of the Committee’s purpose on the website. After a discussion about the proposed mission and the committee’s purpose the majority of Board members expressed approval of the mission as written.

The Committee on Ministry will disband once Paige leaves per UUA recommendations. Once a settled minister is selected at UUCC, then the Committee on Ministry will resume and the mission statement can be reconsidered as needed.

Ends-Monitoring Survey Development Committee

The Ends-Monitoring Survey Development Committee has received a lot of feedback about the survey including that some of the Ends are too abstract. The Ends being somewhat abstract is purposeful, intended to guide the Executive Team while giving them broad agency to fulfill the Ends as they deem appropriate. To address this issue the EMSDC held brainstorming sessions after service on February 18 and 25 so that congregants could contribute ideas towards the ends and means.

The plan is for survey administration from February 26 until the end of March with a multitude of delivery methods. We want to hear from everyone — please complete the Ends-Monitoring Survey.

Take the survey here: annex.uucolumbia.net/ems-2024

Preparing for Transition

Per the UUA guidelines the Interim Minister Search Committee is comprised of three Board members. Regina Verow is the Chair of the committee and Becky Reese and Meagan Lopes are the other members. The committee will be communicating to the congregation via the website. The dedicated transition website link is up and running on the UUCC website and is linked from the center of the home page as a circle just under the “Join Us Sundays” sentence. Please refer to the interim search website for timelines, blogs and progress as we navigate this transition.

Interfaith Advisory Council

Paige is a member of a working group for Howard County through June 2025. This group was appointed by executive order to advise Calvin Ball, the county executive for the goals of collaboration across faith groups; to decrease hate crime in the county, as well as to address antisemitism and anti-Muslim sentiments. The group is comprised of 16 faith leaders.

Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 6:30pm

Closing Words

Shared by Kevin Mercer: “Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are.”
— Rumi


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