February 9 World Religions Dinner and Drive Time Tips

February 9 World Religions Dinner and Drive Time Tips

Dinner and Drive Time Tips for February 9


  • Watch and discuss this video about the importance and power of the Black Church:
  • In this week’s session, we will explore how the role of the Black Church changed and grew over time. As background, consider watching the movie Selma. But be sure to read this web resource first to help you prepare your youth and decide about age appropriateness.
  • CONSIDER ADDING MORE DETAIL ABOUT THE SESSION: As mentioned in the packet introduction, we want to prioritize the emotional safety for our youth of color and their families. Part of that involves informing youth and their families what will be covered ahead of time, encouraging them to step out for some/all of the sessions as needed, and sharing what they need to feel safe. So be sure to go through the session ahead of time and add bullets to these Tips  that you think will support these three cautions/needs.


  • In our centering worship, we will talk about how the Black Church tradition thinks expansively about the role of the church, seeing it as not only a place to experience God, but also a place to experience your own empowerment and self-determination. To engage this idea we will ask the youth to think about their own spaces of empowerment and self-determination, asking them to lift up spaces they turn to when they are feeling: “I need a place where I can just be me, where no one is telling me who I am or how to act.” Invite a discussion with your youth about this, and how you can support them in finding and protecting such spaces.
  • Take some time with your youth to learn about one of our historic Black UU activists and lecturers, who claimed both the Black Church and UUism as her home, Francis Ellen Watkins Harper: https://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/youth/call/workshop2/arc

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