Feeding Our Community

Feeding Our Community

There are so many sad stories in this world where we have little to no control.  Food Insecurity is not one of those things.  Many of us can easily impact the lives in our neighborhoods. The food donations have seriously decreased while need and requests have increased.

Last year we provided Talbot Springs with food for 40 children once a month; this year they asked us to increase our commitment to feed 110 children. Cradlerock requested food for 56 children last year and that number is 80 this year. We had to tell Stevens Forest we could not meet their needs and instead of providing 90 snacks a week which was their ask, we do 30.  We are trying to fill our pantry twice a day and frankly, we don’t have the donations. We understand that some people do not have the resources to donate but some of us do.  For those that are able please consider the children and senior citizens in our area that need help.

Place a regular Amazon order or add it to your regular grocery list – our neighbors need us.

Soups (pop-top preferred)
Mac and cheese- in bowls
Granola bars
Packs of crackers and cheese
Tuna or canned meats (pop-top preferred)
Cans ravioli etc.
Canned fruit
Canned vegetables

Focus on low sodium, low sugar, healthy for senior citizens:
Low sodium soups and vegetables
Rice and beans
Shelf-stable milk

Thank you,
Food Insecurity Committee  (who could really use some more volunteers- email  foodinsecurity@uucolumbia.net if interested.)


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