Field Trip January 21st, 10:30 am

Field Trip January 21st, 10:30 am

Hello all,

Our World Religions youth will be visiting First Baptist of Guilford, 7504 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia, MD 21046 for the 10:30 am service. This is their youth service, where youth participate in leading the service, so it should be a particularly meaningful service for them.

I also heard that some students were questioning why we were learning about so many different Christian houses of worship and only one Jewish Temple. I wanted to have a chance to talk to them about it in class, but was pulled in too many directions on Sunday and never made it in to see them. So I’m passing the assignment on to all of you, dear parents!

There are several reasons why – the most obvious is because that’s how the curriculum is written. Beyond that initial reason, we simply wouldn’t have enough time to visit multiple branches of each religion we are learning about this year. Because Christianity is the most widely attended faith tradition in the USA, we (as UUs) elect to make sure our children and youth are culturally competent in the most practiced religion in our nation.

This might be an interesting dinner time conversation to have with your middle schooler. Ask them why they think we are visiting more different kinds of Christian houses of worship than other religions. Let me know what they say!


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