Film ForUUm, ‘Michael Clayton’, May 21, 7 pm, OBIC

Film ForUUm, ‘Michael Clayton’, May 21, 7 pm, OBIC

Michael Clayton (2007)

A sophisticated thriller that probes corporate corruption and lawyers who are ‘Fixers’, who hang at the edge of the law.  George Clooney, in this case, is the lawyer-fixer; he plumbs the depths of becoming something he detests.

Clooney’s character, Michael Clayton, attempts to undo great corporate malfeasance that results in innocent deaths and murder.  Clooney looks over his shoulder a lot.  There are other Fixers out there.

Clooney was nominated for an Oscar for  Best Actor, Tilda Swinton won Best Supporting Actress.  ‘Michael Clayton’ was nominated for  Best Picture of the Year.  Also featuring Oscar Nominees Tom Wilkinson (Best Supporting Actor) and Tony Gilroy (Best Director).

For after you see the movie.
A discussion of ‘Michael Clayton’ and all the things you might miss upon watching it for the first time.


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