Final Budget Update from the Board of Trustees

Final Budget Update from the Board of Trustees

Dear UUCC,

The Board of Trustees held its regular meeting on Tuesday, June 12. We endorsed a draft of the minutes from the Annual Meeting—read those here—and made some additional decisions about the FY2018-19 budget, based on the additional $7,700 in pledges that had been received since that June 3 meeting.

First, we would like to acknowledge and thank the members who pledged these additional funds. Your generosity had a direct effect on the health of our beloved community.

We are delighted also to share the news that Vickie Beck has volunteered to direct the Chalice Lights for the upcoming 2018-19 church year. Thank you, Vickie—your generosity also will have a direct and positive effect!

The Board debated at length how to use the additional revenue to augment the budget that was adopted at the annual meeting. We considered the input received at our budget meeting in January 2018, testimony given at the annual meeting, and many other factors, including what would be in the best interest of the congregation on the whole.

Eventually, a motion was made, seconded, and passed to give the paid staff a 1% raise and to restore the Religious Education program budget to its current level. The Music, Social Action, and Membership program budgets will remain at their reduced levels for the coming year. Also, the Board will recommend that Cradlerock Children’s Center be the recipient of a Second Sunday Outreach Offering during the 2018-19 fiscal year.

As usual, pledges received after the June 12 meeting will go to the Post-Canvass Pledge line of our budget.

It’s been a tough budget cycle.  I can’t remember a time when the board made so many gut-wrenching decisions in such a short period.  The last thing we board members wanted to do was cut the programs and furlough the staff that are the lifeblood of our community.  Although the picture still isn’t rosy, thankfully, a few of the most detrimental cuts have been staved off.

Our board is committed to better understanding what contributed to the current financial situation and taking action to improve things.  But it will need your help.  It’s time to be frank and honest about things.  We would especially like to hear from people who chose not to respond to the budget drive (40 households who pledged almost $50,000 last year).

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

In community,
Frank Hazzard, UUCC President


  1. Gail Thompson Guy

    Thank you Frank and Board for your diligent work. You all have served the congregation and staff so very well. Our position is difficult but your leadership shows us it can be done.
    We have always been able to fight our ways out of the bags we found ourselves in, whether by our own hands or outside forces. I believe.

  2. Scott beck

    My own reluctance over the past 3 years in feeling more connected to UUCC pertains in large part to my perspective that we have been moving toward a more theistic & regiously oriented congregation. I am only one voice & deeply respect @ honor the collective wishes of this congregation. But if I’m correct, then I’ve understood for some time now I need to look beyond UUCC to fully engage & grow in my understanding of the humanist world view. But after the humanist service last Sunday I realize I may be mistaken. A signicant majority of hands were raised when asked ‘how many of you view yourself as Humanist?’ I simply realized at that point how much I needed & so greatly appreciated hearing Paige @ Anthony express such a strong & heartfelt message through word & music toward a humanist perspective of living & serving. My wish is this message can continue to grow & resonate with those who, like me, are looking for something more.

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