Final Proposed Budget and Annual Meeting Materials

Final Proposed Budget and Annual Meeting Materials

Thanks to some additional and increased pledges, we now stand at a total of $739,000 (still below the current year’s pledge total of $752,000, but more than the $709,000 we had when we wrote on May 13).

Here are the relevant changes:

  • There will be no staff furloughs and no closure of UUCC
  • There will be coffee served after each worship service
  • We will increase our current contribution to the UUA by $3,000
  • We will borrow $15,000 from the Operating Reserve

Reductions that remain in place include:

  • We will print only the Order of Worship each Sunday (no printed announcements)
  • All program budgets are reduced by 50%
  • We will not hire a Youth Music Director
  • We will not fund Cradlerock Children’s Center (CCC) scholarships

The Board of Trustees has also discussed what we would do with more money.  We referred to the spending priorities that members communicated with sticker voting at our meeting in January 2018.  With that in mind, here is what we propose to restore (in order) if and when we get more pledges:

  1.  Fund CCC scholarships up to $3,000
  2.  Add cost-of-living increases (up to 2% or $11,000) for paid staff
  3.  Restore Youth Choir Director position (approximately $4,000)
  4.  Reduce deficit spending (from operating reserves) – currently $15,000

We hope to see you at the Annual Meeting this Sunday, June 3.  All relevant materials (proxy forms, Annual Report, Proposed Budget, etc.) may be found here.  And if you haven’t yet made a pledge, or would like to increase your pledge, please do so here!

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  1. Pat Heidel

    I strongly oppose the decision not to print announcements in the Order of Service. How much does this cost? Arthur and I often refer to the printed announcements during the week to check the date and time of events we’re interested in. At each service we’re urged during the board oral announcements to “take the OOS home” to read about activities coming up that week.

    Isn’t the decision about the printed OOS based on the Board’s belief that we rely on our smart phones to read just about everything, including weekly events. Just like the latest heavy-on- the- -internet pledge campaign, I think this bias creates distance between UUCC and members.

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