Finance & Stewardship

Finance & Stewardship

Annual Fund Drive:  UUCC’s Budget is completely member-supported.  Every year, we hold a Fund Drive to collect pledges for the upcoming year to support Ministry, Worship, Religious Education, Music & Art, Social Action/Social Justice, Membership, and Community Building.  Without successful Annual Fund Drives, we would not exist.

Auction Team:  UUCC holds an annual Auction the first Saturday evening in November.  The Auction is a social blockbuster and typically raises considerable sums of money to support the good works of the congregation.  The Auction Team is responsible for All Things Auction – planning the event, coordinating the registrations and donations, and recruiting the many volunteers that make it run smoothly and effectively.

Endowment Board – The Endowment Board manages and administers UUCC’s Endowment Fund.  Interested in serving?  Contact

Grounds Committee:  This group plans, plants, and keeps the OBIC grounds looking lovely year-round. Some people work regularly, others drop in when they can. We also ensure that the bird feeders are full and monitor the two bluebird houses on the property. 

Owen Brown Interfaith Center Board:  The OBIC Board of Directors is a group comprised of representatives of OBIC’s two owning congregations – 5 from UUCC and 3 from Christ United Methodist Church – to oversee the OBIC’s mission.  The OBIC Board meets about six times each year, usually on the second Wednesday evening of the month.  The Board supervises the OBIC Building Manager, oversees OBIC finances, and creates and reviews policies as needed.  Interested in serving?  Contact Sean at

Scrip Fundraising:  Support program to raise money for our Capital Fund by selling scrip and gift cards. Contact


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