First Rough Draft of Parts for YRUU Service!

First Rough Draft of Parts for YRUU Service!

Dear YRUU families –

Tonight, after some warm-up improv games, we picked some hymns and some parts for the YRUU service upcoming on March 18.

PLEASE attend next week if you want to be part of the service! We still have unassigned parts and we can change things around – nothing is set in stone yet! But we need to know if you want to participate and can commit to being here on the 18th of March. Don’t forget we have a rehearsal on Friday, March 9.

Parts so far:
Welcome & announcements: Saige
Call to Worship: Avalon
Sounding the Bell: Colin
Chalice Lighting: Will
Time for All Ages: Braidon
Reading: Cory
Reflections: Margo, Micaela and Iona and Tomas (working together)
Joys and Sorrows: Tara

We picked the hymns “The Oneness of Everything” and “Love Will Guide Us.”

If you want to work on this service – unity, diversity, identity – please let Jen know and make plans to be here this coming Sunday, February 25! (And at rehearsal on the 9th…and at the service on the 18th!)

Thank you!


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