Food and Climate Change

Food and Climate Change

UUCC Climate Change (2U4C) team is rolling out our Food and Climate Change awareness program. Over the next 6 months we will share information about the impact of food choices that each of us make on climate change. Please check out the Awareness Team’s webpage.

Topics will include reducing food waste (both individually and in the community), local sourcing of food, impact of reduced meat consumption and the science supporting the link between food and climate.

We are planning to host Sunday Forums, distribute links to data (including videos, movies and interesting articles), work with Robin Slaw (UUCC Director of Religious Education) in RE classes, and possibly bring in outside speakers.

As a ‘trailer’ for coming attractions check out the following:

  • A TEDxTeen talk by Dumpster Diver Rog Greenfiled.
  • Data from Our World in Data indicate that in 2010 (latest year data is available) agriculture emitted 5.08 billion tons (gigaton or GT) of GreenHouse Gases (GHG) world-wide. This represents almost exactly 10% of the 50.58 GT emissions world-wide. Look for a chart titled “Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) by sector”, about half way down this rather long page.




  1. Gail Thompson

    Any interest in buying one or two shares of a CSA as a group? Dividing and preparing fresh produce together could be a good building block for community. If interest is high enough, shares could be bought for the food scarcity program and again divided and bundled as a “food bee” activity. Might work for First Friday activities.

    • Chris Crandell

      I love your idea for buying CSA shares for the food scarcity program! You may want to contact Margaret Hegmann to discuss this.
      It also goes along with one of the Climate Change Team’s objectives — to reduce waste by purchasing food items with less packaging.
      The First Friday in June, Margaret plans to have children pack food for the food scarcity team, and we will also be providing vegetarian mains (with their recipes) for members to try. Thanks for your idea!

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