Help out Food Insecurity

Help out Food Insecurity

We noticed many expired dates on items in the pantry a couple of times this week.  These were expired by 4-8 years.  All of them were thrown away.  Please check expiration dates before filling the pantry.  We don’t want to make any of our neighbors ill.

On the plus side the pantry is being filled regularly (you are wonderful) and being used constantly.

UUCC has a long history of donating food and helping organizations that provide meals for people in the community. The Little Pantry (pictured on the left) was installed about three years ago to help the local neighbors who might need a snack or quick meal. Now, it has become a source for families who need to feed their children and extended family members. People rely on the Little Pantry.

Would you like to be a part of the Food Insecurity program at UUCC? Everyone at UUCC can participate. Food can be dropped off at the Little Pantry any time of day or a financial contribution can be made to the Food Insecurity Account.

Food can include chef Boyardee, pop top ready-made soups, Compleats, peanut butter, tuna, canned chicken, snacks, cereal, drinks, fruit cups, and toilet paper. Your contribution goes directly to the UUCC community.

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