Food Insecurity News

Food Insecurity News

UUCC’s food insecurity ministry has been going strong for years, never stopping during the pandemic. UUCC volunteers have provided food for our Owen Brown neighbors every day even when it was pouring rain or snowing along with the continued financial support of the UUCC congregation.

The need for food by our Owen Brown neighbors continues. The food and monetary donations are greatly appreciated but now there is a need for new, energetic, committed volunteers to continue this service.

David and I have been volunteering in UUCC’s food insecurity ministry for over five years. During this time we have been involved in many of the programs which the ministry has supported. But things change and we will no longer be available since we will be moving out of the area next month.

We have been volunteering alongside many other dedicated volunteers and are grateful for their commitment and service. But, we need new volunteers to help with our multiple programs. The food insecurity ministry is vital to our Owen Brown neighbors and needs our continued support.

Please contact staff member Sara Davidson at to learn more about the program and to volunteer.

In community,
Margaret and David Hegmann


  1. Richard Wachterman

    Thanks Margaret and David. Your blessed work in Food Insecurity, Scrip, Finance Committee, and other UUCC activities has been much appreciated over the years. Best fortune in the next segment of your life.

    Rich Wachterman

  2. Gail Thompson

    Margaret and David, we thank you for all you two have given to all of us over so very many years. We will miss you deeply both as friends and as seriously contributing participants in our community. Give our best also to your family and enjoy the warmth they will share with you.

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