Food Insecurity Update

Food Insecurity Update

As our members fill our Free Little Pantry, sometimes they interact with someone who needs the food.

One story recently told: “We met two brothers ages 8 & 12. They had stopped at the Little Pantry to get a couple of juice bottles and mac and cheese. We invited them to look at the items we were delivering. They were so excited to get chicken nuggets and buffalo wings plus apples and bananas. They were so sweet saying thank you every time we put something in their bags which I happened to have with us. They told us there are 6 people in their home and they live in the apartments next to the interfaith center. We also gave them potatoes, fresh cut fruit, dinner rolls, and little cheesecake desserts. Their body language showed how pleased they were to take their bags home to show their mother.”

Please support the pantry. I was there tonight and saw two people taking food. To donate to this important community effort,  select “Food Insecurity” on the drop down menu on our give page:

Thank you, UUCC!
UUCC Member Cindy Williams


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