Publication Sign-Ups

Publication Sign-Ups

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Weekly Tapestry

Subscribe at the button below to be added to UUCC’s Weekly Tapestry eNewsletter, sent weekly on Friday. Deadline for submissions is Thursdays, 12pm. Send yours, along with a suggested title, to staff member Sara Davidson:

In Between Sundays

In Between Sundays provides mid-week communications from our minister and guest bloggers. Topics might relate to previous or upcoming sermons, but often arise from elsewhere. Current books, family news, future plans, personal reflections — all offered as a way to stay in touch.

Voices of UUCC

Voices of UUCC offers reflections from members of the UUCC community. Our congregational blog gives you the chance to hear from each other in-depth, and discuss issues relevant to Unitarian Universalism in general and the congregation in particular.

Good Governance

Good Governance includes posts from UUCC’s Board of Trustees and Executive Team that relate to policies, the budget, congregational decision-making, and the like. 

Daily Pause

Take a moment on weekdays to center through poetry and photos — and sometimes music.

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