love in action:
pledge drive 2024

love in action:
pledge drive 2024

UUCC’s 2024 Pledge Drive —
Embodying Love in Action 

Each spring, during UUCC’s annual pledge drive, we make promises of financial support (a pledge) for a 12 month calendar year period to support UUCC operations. What we raise during the pledge drive provides the funds that make the upcoming year of congregational life possible.

In June 2023 UUCC members voted to adopt our new mission statement, which calls us to our collective aspiration to embody love in all we do and bring to the world:

Love is more than a feeling. It requires our collective action. Together, we manifest love through nurturing spirits, building community, and acting for justice—including supporting this congregation with our financial pledges.

This March, all of us are invited to consider how we will live into UUCC’s new mission. Join us as we put love into action through sharing what we are able of our time, talent, and financial treasure. 

Our shared support for UUCC is a tangible expression of our love and commitment to strengthen and sustain each other, our faith community, and our Unitarian Universalist values. If we all give as we are able, we will have what we need to thrive in the coming year.

When you’re ready, click the button below to make your pledge.

Pledge Parties

All in our UUCC community are invited to join us at a pledge party taking place between March 9-24!

Celebration Sunday: March 31

Join us Sunday, March 31 for Celebration Sunday as we celebrate our UUCC community, and wrap up this year’s pledge drive. We’ll have a family-friendly Easter Egg Hunt after the worship service, as well as a pizza party and ice cream sundae bar! 🍕🍨

Pledging FAQs

Don’t see the answer to your question? Connect with our Pledge Team at

Pledging FAQs

A pledge is a dollar amount you commit to invest in UUCC over the 12 months of the next fiscal year (July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025). Some choose to fulfill their pledges in one lump annual payment, while others send a monthly check. You can set up a recurring online EFT payment quarterly or weekly, or you can give via Realm as you are able. You get to decide what works best for you.

While pledging is a covenantal responsibility of membership at UUCC, any congregant or friend of UUCC is invited to make a pledge. Together, our financial contributions make a difference in the congregation and in our community.

Love is more than a feeling. It requires our collective action. Together, we embody love through nurturing spirits, building community, and acting for justice — including supporting this congregation with our financial pledges.

You may have had experiences at other congregations where you were asked to tithe a certain amount of your paycheck or required to pay dues. UUCC does not set financial obligations for you to be part of our community. Because of that, we need some way to plan our budget for the next fiscal year. That’s why we do a pledge drive (or budget drive) each year to ask for your pledges.

Your pledge to UUCC helps us plan for our next twelve months of ministry together. The amount you pledge will determine what priorities we are able to set in our mission of meaning-making in community.

This year, we invite you to consider the ways you plan to live into UUCC’s mission to embody love in action of UUCC through your financial treasure, as well as your time and talent.

Together, we act and provide for the future of our congregation and its ministries through our shared love for our community.

In the past, UUCC members have shared tools like the Fair Share Guide or the decile breakdown to help you decide a pledge amount. These are helpful tools if you don’t know where to begin. Maybe embodying love in action means jumping up a decile or stretching to the next Fair Share commitment level.

It’s easy to make a pledge! Simply fill out our online form by clicking here.

You may have also received a letter in the mail with a paper form to fill out. If you would prefer not to fill out the online form, you can mail that paper form back to UUCC at 7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045.