Going With Love

Going With Love

What a moment in our lives as Unitarian Universalists and as a UUCC community.

This Sunday, June 30, I will say good-bye to you, UUCC. For six months we’ve been openly anticipating this moment—allowing time to express words of appreciation and blessing*, feeling grief, feeling relief, preparing for your interim ministry, reflecting on how we’ve grown and imagining how that growth will continue.

We’ve been anticipating this moment, and now it’s here. We’re ready.

And it’s surreal. (If you and I have spoken in the past few days, I’ve probably said to you, “This is so weird.”) It doesn’t matter how prepared I am, or that this was my decision—it’s still pretty wild to be stepping away from the vocation that has shaped my life for two decades.

Meanwhile, in the larger UU arena, we’ve just celebrated a milestone moment. After not months, but years, of process and preparation, last Saturday, the UUA General Assembly—composed of voting delegates representing member UU congregations—voted to update the language that is used to articulate our core religious values.

Love is the power that holds us together and is at the center of our shared values. We are accountable to one another for doing the work of living our shared values through the spiritual discipline of Love.

We’ve been anticipating this moment, and now it’s here. We’re ready. And it’s arguably surreal.

We UUs have deliberately chosen to abandon language that for decades has been familiar, in favor of language that is a more engaging expression of faith—calling us to action and accountability on behalf of our core values of pluralism, interdependence, generosity, equity, transformation, and justice.

As retired UU minister Randy Becker observed this week,

Liberal religion … affirms that any statement of beliefs must be evolutionary (and even a little revolutionary); as our collective understandings and wisdom are informed by new circumstances and awareness, the principles which inform us and challenge us must also change and be more inclusive.

Unlike traditional religions which rest upon unchanging creeds many thousands of years old, the liberal religious tradition rest upon the belief that all statements of faith are incomplete, awaiting the wisdom of future.

We—you, I, all of us UUs—are embarking on new chapters in which we will continue to welcome new insight and wisdom, calling on partners to hold us accountable, and keeping love at the center of all we do.


* Huge thanks to those of you who contributed to Sunday’s farewell gathering—to everyone who offered a story or a blessing, and especially to Valerie Hsu, Lisa Marini, Jen Hayashi, Colette Gelwicks, Alex Cauthen-Zach, Hillary Martin, Emerson Martin, and Kevin Mercer who planned and implemented the whole thing. I sobbed through Colette’s and Valerie’s rendition of “For Good,” as the lyrics express so beautifully exactly how I feel about our years together. I have been changed for good. Indeed.


  1. Gail Thompson

    Paige, I will not say “goodbye”, rather “Hello neighbor” as our lives move along. I hope you go through every open door you see to find every adventure life can bring. Thank you.

  2. Anne McNulty

    I am a new member,. The first service I attended Rev Paige gave me a hug that has drawn me to the congregation. I believe in UUCC’s principles.

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