Board Committees

Board Committees

The Board of Trustees has charged each of the following committees of the Board with specific congregational work. Learn more about the purpose of current Board Committees below and click on button links to learn more about each one. Information about past Board Committees can also be found on this page.

Current Board Committees

2024 | Ends-Monitoring Survey Development Committee

Purpose: To develop and, in early 2024, administer an annual congregational survey process for monitoring UUCC’s success in reaching our Congregational Ends. A subsidiary purpose is to recommend a charter for a standing committee to administer the survey process in succeeding years.

Past Board Committees

2021-23 | Covenant of Right Relations Committee

Purpose: Draft and implement an Interim Covenant of Right Relations and propose and implement a process for testing it and addressing any issues that arise.

2022-23 | Values/Mission/Ends Review Committee

Purpose: Oversee the process to review UUCC’s current Values, Mission, and Ends statements and, as deemed necessary, to develop new statements to be adopted by the congregation.

2021-22 | Group Relations Workshop Committee

Purpose: Oversee the implementation of an expertly facilitated congregational workshop focused on relationship-building, reconciliation, and trust-building; strengthening intergroup relations within our congregation; and developing strategy for moving forward together as a community of faith.

2020-21 | Trust & Reconciliation Committee

Purpose: To explore ways UUCC congregants can manage conflicts most constructively and to recommend ways forward to strengthen trust and deepen mutual understanding so that we can more fully promote our congregation’s mission, vision, ends, and covenant, consistent with UU principles and our nature as a religious community.