Group Relations Workshop Committee

Group Relations Workshop Committee

[Implementation of “Professionally led workshop & follow-up activities: Identify and act on common ground at UUCC for justice for all (p. 43, TRC Final Report – Specific Recommendations)]


Oversee the implementation of an expertly facilitated congregational workshop focused on relationship-building, reconciliation, and trust-building; strengthening intergroup relations within our congregation; and developing strategy for moving forward together as a community of faith.

Committee Members

Jennie Fitzpatrick (Chair), Kevin Daniels, Becky Reese, Barbara Wright, Ken Crandell, Jim Johnston (Board Liaison).


Committee term will begin September 2021. Workshop should be held as soon as feasible and no later than February 2022. The committee will disband once the Board has received a final update (no later than end of March 2022).


  1. Facilitator recruitment & identification: The team will draft a Request for Proposals (RFP) to be approved by the Board of Trustees (BOT) and then provided to potential facilitators; will seek out and interview qualified facilitator candidates; and will present the recommended facilitator candidate(s) and workshop proposal(s) for BOT approval. The BOT must also approve the final contracted scope of work.
  2. Workshop implementation: Once a facilitator is selected, the committee will serve as the primary liaison between the facilitator and congregation. The team will coordinate with UUCC staff to schedule and finance the workshop; will write promotional messaging to encourage broad congregational participation; and will oversee all logistics of workshop implementation. The committee may recruit additional volunteers to help with implementation efforts as necessary.
  3. Communications: In addition to BOT approval of the RFP, scope of work, and facilitator, the committee is requested to advise the Board periodically regarding the committee’s activities, emerging observations, and/or recommendations/questions warranting further BOT guidance. The committee is also requested to provide a report (written or at Board meeting) to the BOT following the workshop to share feedback. Communication with the congregation at the discretion of the committee’s chair.
  4. Process consistency: In fulfilling the charge, committee members are charged to affirm and promote the UU 7 Principles and our UUCC Beloved Community Resolution, the latter specifying the need to dismantle racism and other oppressions. In addition, the Board asks this committee to coordinate efforts (e.g., timing of surveys, events, etc.) with the other committees formed to ensure wide congregational participation.

Final Report