Group Relations Workshop Discovery Mural & Dream Presentations

Group Relations Workshop Discovery Mural & Dream Presentations

On May 21 and 22, 2022, UUCC held a virtual Appreciative Inquiry-based group relations workshop facilitated by Brian Bloch and Will Tansey. Following the four-step Appreciative Inquiry process of Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny, the process encouraged attendees to identify past positive experiences and highlights at UUCC and imagine the future this congregation is building together. Thank you to the 120+ participants for your amazing commitment to the future of our congregation.

Below you are invited to check out the the weekend’s Discovery Mural as well as the group Dream Presentations; reflections of the weekend’s collective effort!

Discovery Mural


Dream Presentations

Group 1 pictures UUCC joyfully dancing together
Group 3 shares their Jamboard, which includes two (adapted) poems on healing
Group 5 writes a story of a child who is engaged at UUCC from birth to adulthood
Group 7 composes lyrics to a new version of the song California Dreamin’
Group 9 uses their time to create a rhyme
Group 11 shares a “very serious” poem
Group 13 plays songs that capture their vision for UUCC
Group 15 imagines a sacred circle
Group 17 makes a collage
Group 19 performs a skit
Group 21 creates a piece of artwork
Group 23 generates an equation for how to make UUCC its best
Group 25 thinks of UUCC as a Big Tent
Group 28 fashions a dynamic slideshow
Group 30 shares a recipe for loving connection at UUCC
Group 34 cultivates a UUCC garden
Group 36 envisions UUCC as a tree