Mission / Vision / Covenant Review Committee

Mission / Vision / Covenant Review Committee

[Implementation of “Planning for the Future and Navigating Change” (p. 48, TRC Final Report – Specific Recommendations)]


Oversee the process to review UUCC’s current Mission, Vision, and Covenant statements and, as deemed necessary, to develop new statements to be adopted by the congregation. The Board’s Governance Process policy II.A.2 states that, “At least once every seven years, the Board, together with the Senior Minister, and through extensive consultation with and involvement of the congregation, leads the effort to develop meaningful covenant, vision, and mission statements for UUCC.” An accepted and embraced congregational Mission, Vision, and Covenant is foundational to all other work taking place at UUCC. To fulfill all other recommendations, it is imperative that we all agree with the statements made in those foundational documents. This process must include wide congregational input and, in doing so, help to build and rebuild trust within our community.

Committee Members

Melanie Whelan (Chair), Gregory Seidman, KP McLaughlin, Lindsay Thompson, Tina Horn, Jenny Afkinich (Board Liaison)


The committee will begin its work September 2021 and end with the Annual Meeting on June 5, 2022.


  1. Research and Review: Using resources available from the UUCC staff, the UUA, and other sources, this committee will propose a process for congregational review of UUCC’s current Mission, Vision, and Covenant statements. After receiving approval on the process from the Board of Trustees (BOT), the committee will carry out the review process, recruiting additional volunteers as needed. The committee will present the results of the review to the BOT in addition to any recommendations resulting from the review.
  2. Mission / Vision / Covenant Revision: Should the committee recommend revising UUCC’s mission, vision, and/or covenant, the committee will also create a process for developing new statements and present this process to the BOT as part of the review and recommendation presentation. This process should also include wide congregational input and feedback opportunities. After receiving approval on the mission / vision / covenant revision process from the BOT, the committee will carry out the revision process, recruiting additional volunteers as needed. Any new statements should be presented to the BOT by April 30, 2022 in order to be included in the Annual Meeting agenda and must be endorsed by the congregation at the Annual Meeting on June 5, 2022.
  3. Communications: In addition to BOT approval of the process to both review and revise the mission, vision, and covenant, the committee is requested to advise the Board periodically regarding the committee’s activities, emerging observations, and/or recommendations/questions warranting further BOT guidance. Communication with the congregation at the discretion of the committee’s chair.
  4. Process Consistency: In fulfilling the charge, committee members are additionally charged to affirm and promote the UU 7 Principles and our UUCC Beloved Community Resolution, the latter specifying the need to dismantle racism and other oppressions. In addition, the Board asks this committee to coordinate efforts (e.g., timing of surveys, events, etc.) with the other committees formed to ensure wide congregational participation.