Trust & Reconciliation Committee

Trust & Reconciliation Committee

Note: This Board Committee has fulfilled its charge and is no longer gathering.

The Trust and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) was formed by the Board of Trustees to respond to what some call “troubles” or “problems” and others might call “conflict” or “discord” within our congregation. The TRC’s purpose was to diagnose these troubles and to pass their diagnosis, with recommendations for healing, along to the Board by the time of the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Final Report

The TRC synthesized what they heard in listening sessions to diagnose the situation and create recommendations for UUCC.  The recommendations were presented at the monthly Board meeting on May 11, 2021, as well as to the congregation at the Annual Meeting on June 6, 2021. 

The final report was delivered to the Board prior to the 2021 Annual Meeting and can be read below.