Values, Mission, Ends — A Call for Congregational Engagement

Values, Mission, Ends — A Call for Congregational Engagement

Envision UUCC — Imagining Our Future

Living our faith tradition and moving toward Beloved Community, what are we called to do and be as UUCC?

UUCC is working, right now, to answer this powerful question. The more we invest in the process as a congregation, the more true and actionable the outcomes will be. 

Here’s what’s happening and how you can get involved.

Once again, it’s time for us to evaluate our congregational priorities and decide how we want to move forward in the world.

The UUCC governance process calls for the Board to periodically and extensively consult with the congregation to develop meaningful mission-defining statements for UUCC.

Based on recommendations from the Trust and Reconciliation report and actions derived from the Group Relations Workshop in 2022, the UUCC Board of Trustees has chosen to undergo a discernment process to define an updated set of Values, Mission, and Ends (the detailed plans that reflect who we are together, and who we want to become as a congregation). 

Since UU congregations are self-governing, individual member engagement is critical to the success of this process.

The UUCC Board, with the support of Rev. Paige Getty and the Executive Team, has engaged an experienced Unitarian Universalist congregational consultant to guide us. The consultant has recommended, and the Board has approved, a plan to hold a series of small group facilitated meetings where UUCC community members will identify key values as well as share stories that reflect their individual perspective in answer to a “powerful question.” Board members will distill the essence of the collective voice of UUCC in drafting new Values, Mission, and Ends statements.

Small group facilitated meetings will take place between February 11 and March 4, 2023. They will be offered on various days of the week and times of day. 

Stay tuned for more details and sign-up information coming soon.

Sunday Reflection from Rev. Paige Getty
Faithful Questioning” | Sunday, January 8, 2023

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, Rev. Paige Getty led a service entitled “Faithful Questioning” which introduced the Values, Mission, Ends initiative to the congregation. We invite you to read the closing portion of her refection using the button link below, which provides context for our upcoming collective effort.

You can also listen to her full reflection here, which starts at 44 minutes, 50 seconds.

Your voice matters. 

We’re looking forward to working together with you. 

If you have questions, please reach out to any member of the Values, Mission, Ends Shepherding Committee (, the Board of Trustees, or the Executive Team. 

In community, 

Values, Mission, Ends Shepherding Committee: 
Lindsay Thompson, Caela Barry, John Guy, Becky Reese, Jerry Rescigno, Gregory Seidman

Board of Trustees: 
Jenny Afkinich, President; Melissa Affolter, First Vice President; Laurie Coltri, Second Vice President; Kevin Mercer, Treasurer; Jim Johnson, Secretary; Chris Crandell, Member At Large; Sarah Basehart, Member At Large

UUCC Executive Team: 
Rev. Paige Getty, Senior Minister; Valerie Hsu, Executive Director


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