Interim Search

Interim Search

On January 18, 2024, Rev. Paige Getty announced she would be departing UUCC at the end of the congregational year on June 30, 2024.

Read her letter to the congregation here.


In the coming weeks, UUCC’s Board of Trustees will be available for conversation at the Board Corner during social hour on Sunday mornings. On January 28, 2024, the Board of Trustees met for a planning retreat to begin the interim ministry search process and establish an interim search committee; at the end of this process, we hope to invite an interim minister to serve UUCC for two years while the congregation undergoes a settled ministry search.

The Board will be following the guidance of the UUA’s Office of Transitions for the interim ministry search in spring 2024. The Board of Trustees will be adhering to the following Transition Timeline 2024 established by the Office of Transitions:

Description (with status in italics)Deadline
Recommended time minister announces departure — announced January 18January to mid-March
Board reads transitional ministry handbook — completedFebruary / early April
Board appoints Interim Minister Search Committee — announced on February 2February / early April
Interim Search Committee asks Transitions Office to initiate interim search — completedFebruary / early April
Interim Search Committee prepares interim search documents packet — in progressMarch / late April
Earliest publish date for congregational interim recordsThursday, April 4
Congregational interim record sheet (application) deadlineThursday, April 18
Names of interim ministers released to congregationsApril 28
Interim Search Committee submits lists of yeses / nos / maybes to Transitions OfficeMay 13
First offer date / offers extended by Interim Search Committee to interim ministersMay 15, noon EDT
Consultations with congregations interested in preparing for second offer dateMay 15-17
Interim search continues / names of interested ministers released to congregationsMay 20
Interim Search Committee submits lists of yeses / nos / maybes to Transitions OfficeJune 4
Second offer date / offers extended by search committee to interim ministersJune 6, noon EDT
Consultations with congregations unable to find an interim ministerJune 6-8

Key People

Per the guidance of the Office of Transitions, the interim search committee is composed of three members of UUCC’s current Board of Trustees. Our interim search committee members are Meagan Lopes, Becky Reese, and Regina Verow.

The Board of Trustees will be supported through this process by Lenore Bajare-Dukes, our Central East Region point-of-contact at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Our Interim Search Committee is also working closely with Christine Purcell, Transitions Program Manager on the UUA’s Congregational Life field staff team

Frequently Asked Questions

Ministerial Transition FAQs

Interim ministry is a transitional ministry designed to help a congregation move from one settled ministry (ie. 21 years with Paige!) to the next settled ministry. Most interim ministries last 24 months, and that is what UUCC is planning for.

The interim minister assists the congregation in moving beyond its last ministry and equipping itself for a new, different ministry. This preparation involves helping the congregation look at practices that may or may not be serving them well, assisting through the emotional process of transition, setting sights forward, and connecting the congregation to needed resources.

The interim minister will be hired by UUCC’s Board of Trustees after being selected by the Interim Search Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Board. Our Interim Search Committee includes Meagan Lopes, Becky Reese, and Regina Verow.

Interim ministers may not be called by the congregation.

The interim search process moves quickly. We expect to have made an offer to an interim minister by late May/early June 2024.

The interim minister will most likely begin their role at UUCC in August 2024.

During the second year of interim ministry (likely the 2025-2026 congregational year), UUCC will embark on the settled ministry search process. This will be a year-long process that engages the entire congregation. More information about the settled search process will be shared as that time draws closer. If you’d like to learn more ahead of time, you can review the UUA’s Settlement Handbook for details.

We anticipate welcoming a settled minister to UUCC in fall 2026.


As the interim search process gets underway, members of the Board of Trustees, the interim search committee, and other congregants will share updates and reflections about the process in blogposts. Those blogposts can be found here: