Executive Team

Executive Team

The Executive Team, which consists of the Senior Minister of UUCC, the Reverend Paige Getty, and the Executive Director of UUCC, Valerie Hsu, seeks to fulfill the mission of UUCC by actively promoting its Congregational Ends.

What the Executive Team Does

Acting on directives from the Board of Trustees, and on feedback and suggestions from the various Councils, the Leadership Council, and the congregation at large, the Executive Team leads the active, “executive” part of governance.

In keeping with Policy Based Governance, the Executive Team has ultimate responsibility for the day to day running of UUCC, including Sunday Worship, other programs of the congregation, personnel management, physical plant, and so forth. The Executive Team, in turn, delegates much of this responsibility to others, including paid staff members and volunteers.  View the Organization Chart for more details.

The Executive Team gets its power from the Board of Trustees as articulated in the Board-Staff Linkage policy. The Executive Team is monitored by the Board, which ensures that the Executive Team is furthering the Congregational Ends and is not transgressing the Administrative Limitations that the Board has put in place.

The principle mechanism for Board overview of the Executive Team’s actions is called Ends Monitoring, a semi-annual process in which the Executive Team reports to the Board about how it is attempting to address Congregational Ends. Your participation in this process is welcome.

The Executive Team meets frequently and welcomes opportunities to meet with members as needed. Contact the Executive Team (minister@uucolumbia.net and executivedirector@uucolumbia.net) to schedule a meeting with them.

Policies and Procedures

The Executive Team creates policies and procedures as needed to ensure the effective functioning of the congregation. Current policies and procedures are listed below.

Child Safety Policy
It is the policy of this congregation to assure the safety and well-being of our children during UUCC sponsored events. This includes educating the congregation and training the volunteers and staff who work with our children under the age of 18, and establishing procedures for supervision, parental consent and reporting of any suspected misconduct.

The UUCC Child Safety Policies and Procedures shall:

  • Minimize the risk that any child would be harmed or abused while participating in a UUCC activity.
  • Establish realistic expectations and procedures that the congregaiton will be willing and able to implement consistently.
  • Minimize the risks to the staff, volunteers and the congregation.
  • Protect the privacy of members and friends of the congregation.
  • Provide adequate training and support to the Response Team.
  • Provide the minimal level of screening required to reasonably protect the congregation.
    (additional details available in the UUCC office)

How UUCC Communicates

Concerts Policy
No more than two UUCC-sponsored concerts may take place each month.  Priority is give to UUCC’s two concert series – the One World Coffeehouse (monthly) and the Chalice Concert Series (4-5 concerts per year).

Designated Gift Policy
Individuals or groups may give to the congregation according to the following guidelines:

  • Designated monetary donations of $300 or less per year may be accepted with the understanding that they will not be deducted from the donor’s pledge.
  • Non-monetary donations and designated monetary donations greater than $300 may be accepted at the Executive Team’s discretion.
  • Larger gifts may be given to the Endowment Fund according to the Endowment Fund’s guidelines.

Fundraising Policy
Groups or individuals who would like to conduct non-budgeted fundraisers via UUCC channels must obtain approval from the Executive Team. In consultation with the Stewardship Council, the Executive Team will consider requests based on the timing and the type of fundraiser as they relate to the annual fundraising priorities of the congregation.

Grievance Policy
When a member of the UUCC community has a grievance with the organization or any of its members, s/he is expected to speak directly with the person or group leader with whom there is a concern.  If those parties are unable to resolve the issue on their own, then they may contact the Executive Team for consultation or intervention.  If the unresolved grievance directly involves the Executive Team, one or more members of the Board of Trustees will be consulted.  Once a resolution has been achieved, all parties will be informed of the decision.

Inclement Weather Policy
A decision whether to cancel services due to inclement weather will be announced by 7:00am Sunday. Closings will be announced both on the website home page and the voicemail (410-381-0097).  Decisions to cancel other activities (on Sundays or other days) will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Team, in consultation with the activity leaders and OBIC management.

Personnel Policies
These policies are distributed to all personnel when they are hired and are available in the UUCC office.

Sponsoring OBIC Space Policy
Wedding ceremonies and memorial services for UUCC Members will be fully sponsored by UUCC. Space must be rented through OBIC for wedding receptions.
The Executive Team may choose to sponsor space for outside organizations on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes space will be sponsored jointly by UUCC and Christ United Methodist Church.
If UUCC members or friends use sponsored space for an activity that involves a fee, then a portion of the proceeds will be donated to UUCC.