Legacy Giving & Endowment

Legacy Giving & Endowment

Providing for and helping to sustain the values and mission of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia while making sound financial decisions for yourself and your family.

About the UUCC Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund is a permanent source of financial capital that grows and produces income for UUCC today and ensures that our congregation is financially healthy and able to continue its work for decades to come. It provides a lasting legacy through appreciation of investments.

How It Works

The objective of the Endowment Fund is to generate a long-term return while growing the principal.  Donations to the Endowment Fund are invested in indexed mutual funds and socially responsible investment funds with low expense ratios.  Each year a percentage of the Fund is distributed to UUCC’s annual operating budget.  Only the income and appreciation of the Fund is used for the distribution, which protects the original dollar value (principal) of each donation.  Over the past few years, the annual distribution has helped fund the Assistant Minister, Executive Director, Youth Director, and Office Assistant positions.

Margaret Odell Society

The Margaret Odell Society recognizes UUCC members and friends who make legacy gifts to the UUCC Endowment Fund.  A legacy gift is a designation of the Endowment Fund in an individual’s will, trust, investments, or accounts. Margaret Odell, who served as UUCC minister from 1979 – 1982, then as UUCC minister emerita, profoundly impacted the growth of UUCC.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund

Gifts can be made in a number of ways, including:

Endowment Board

Endowment Board members include:

  • Jennie Fitzpatrick, Chair (Term ends 6/30/2021)
  • Julie Boughn (Term ends 6/30/2023)
  • Graham Getty (Term ends 6/30/2022)
  • Sessy Hazzard (Term ends 6/30/2022)
  • Gregory Seidman (Term ends 6/30/2021)

The UUCC Endowment Board, elected by the members of the congregation, is charged with growing the Endowment Fund through:

  • Wise investments and management of the Endowment Fund, including socially responsible funds and indexed mutual funds.
  • Education and outreach to UUCC members and friends as we build personal and UUCC legacies.



For more information, contact the Endowment Board, or the UUCC Executive Director.

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