Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

UUCC’s Nominating Committee — established in the Congregational Bylaws (Art. VIII, Sec. 4, p. 5-6) — consists of five members, including the immediate past president of the Board of Trustees and four members elected by UUCC members for a term of two years. The committee’s role is to prepare a slate of candidates for the succeeding term of all offices that are due to become vacant. This includes seats on the Board of Trustees, the Endowment Board, and the Nominating Committee. The committee interviews nominees and announces a slate of nominees at least thirty days prior to the congregational Annual Meeting.

Committee members are members of the congregation and actively involved in UUCC. The committee does not meet on a regular schedule and only a handful of times in the course of the year. Interviews and any other events or sessions to promote the open positions are scheduled according to availability.

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2023-24 Nominating Committee Members

  • Jenny Afkinich (term ends June 2024)
  • Laurie Alderman (term ends June 2025)
  • Michael Bonilla (term end June 2024)
  • Johnathan Ganel-Constant (term ends June 2025)
  • Mary Rodgers (term ends June 2024)