Stewardship Council

Stewardship Council

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for congregational fundraising and stewardship, and thus, the Board is represented on the Stewardship Council, which integrates the fundraising activities of the Annual Pledge Drive, the Building Fund, the Endowment Fund, and the Annual Auction.


Stewardship Program fosters the financial stability of UUCC through activities that promote giving with gratitude, encourage a culture of generosity, and enable UUCC to thrive and achieve its mission.   


The Stewardship Council provides structure and guidance to the unified and integrated fundraising efforts under the Stewardship Program.  It coordinates year-round stewardship initiatives in partnership with lead fundraising volunteers, the Board of Trustees, and staff leadership.

Stewardship Council Members

Suzanne Henig, Kevin Mercer, Zach Nelson, Scotty Scott, Ben Burt, Chris Crandell, Paige Getty, and Valerie Hsu

Contact Info

You can contact the council at