Grades 9-12: Quest

Grades 9-12: Quest

The Quest program, our Coming of Age program at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia, will run in the upcoming congregational year, 2022-23. This program is our introduction to the high school youth program and a wonderful rite of passage for our adolescents — one that is missing in most other areas of our lives.

Quest guides our young people to better articulate their own beliefs and values and to better understand our Unitarian Universalist faith. Participation in Quest leads young people to recognize their own growth and change, affirming their individual identities. This special year ends with an important milestone ceremony in which the group is honored by the congregation.

Quest class will likely run multi-platform in the upcoming 2022-23 congregational year, to be determined at the beginning of the year. One Sunday a month, all Questers are invited to attend worship with their families. On these Sundays, our youth are invited to participate in the service in a multitude of ways: lighting the chalice, playing special music, even interning with our amazing sound crew. After the service, all Questers are encouraged to join their mentors for small group discussions on the service and the issues around those topics.

This very special year typically includes a religious heritage trip to Boston. Our fingers are crossed that we may be able to safely make it there in spring 2023! 

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