Grades PreK-5: Family Religious Education

Grades PreK-5: Family Religious Education

During this time of pandemic, we feel that the most important ways we can support families are by helping you raise confident caring connected young people. The programs that we’ve built to support you as families will concentrate on those ideas.

Build a Better World with your children!

Our Unitarian Universalist theology calls us to build a better world. From all our interaction with your children, they already know that, and just need some help thinking about how they can make a difference! With school all virtual this year, we are limiting the amount of time your children will spend online, and offering mostly asynchronous opportunities for all of you to interact with material that we are sending to you each month.

Monthly themes to Explore!

As a Soul Matters congregation, we will develop material to match the monthly theme we are also exploring in worship and small groups for adults. Each month, for registered families with children in PreK through Grade 5, you will receive a chalice lighting based on the theme, a calendar of daily discussion questions, and something fun to let you know we are thinking about you! Kelli and Robin, plus a host of guests, will produce a monthly Family Chapel. We’re recording  and uploading it to our UUCC YouTube playlist, so you can watch it with your children at a time that’s right for you. We encourage you to share what your family is creating on our RE Family Facebook page.

If you would like to receive the family packets and don’t have children in 5th grade or below, please send an email to Robin to be added to the list!

Please make sure your children are registered and we have all the correct information on our database to ensure that your family will receive monthly mailings!


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