Group Relations Workshop (GRW) Committee Update

Group Relations Workshop (GRW) Committee Update

We received six responses to our Request for Information (RFI) seeking facilitator(s) for a Workshop1 by last Friday’s deadline. Yesterday, we sent our proposed Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Board of Trustees for review and approval. If everything is approved, we will release the RFP on January 21, with submissions due on February 7.

We are pleased with the quality of the responses and are working as quickly as possible to select and recommend a facilitation team to the Board so we can work with the facilitator(s) to plan and coordinate a successful workshop.

If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, please feel free to connect with us at

1 “Workshop” means a facilitated meeting in which one or more leaders facilitates discussion and decision making on how to achieve the stated goals and objectives, as opposed to an educational workshop where those leading the workshop will be expected to teach on a particular subject. 


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