Group Relations Workshop Results and the Start of the Conflict Management Ministry

Group Relations Workshop Results and the Start of the Conflict Management Ministry

On May 21 and 22, UUCC held an online Appreciative Inquiry based Group Relations Workshop, facilitated by Brian Bloch and Will Tansey. The GRW Workshop was well attended, with over 120 participants, demonstrating an outstanding commitment to the future of UUCC.

The virtual nine-hour workshop followed the four-step Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process of Discovery, Dream, Design, and Destiny. The AI process helped attendees focus on past positive experiences and successes at UUCC. The next step was for participants to envision “possibility statements” to support a truly dynamic future for UUCC.

Following that visioning work, attendees created groups to discuss how to implement the possibility statements — to bring them into reality. There were meaningful conversations, and opportunities for participants to meet and talk with each other. The significant effort of all who contributed to the outcome of the workshop enabled this successful virtual experience. The facilitation team (with incredible support from Graham Getty and Valerie Hsu) created a vibrant virtual community.

More information on outputs from the workshop (e.g., the enabling teams’ possibility statements and initial actions and the MURAL) can be found here.

The following is a summary of identified enabling actions for UUCC to undertake to move toward the possibility statements created in the Destiny process.

Enabling Action Groups 1

  1. Covenant of Right Relations – including develop a Statement of Core Values
  2. Vision, Mission, Covenant
  3. How We Build Community Together that Reflects the Diversity of the Geographic Area
  4. Conflict Management Framework
  5. Bring Back Monthly Joyful Gatherings – Food Based
  6. Build a Congregation of Culturally Competent Communicators
  7. How to Invite People In and Recognize Their Abilities
  8. Congregational Engagement and Decision Making
  9. Building and Deepening Multi-Generational Connections
  10. Increase & Facilitate Honest & Respectful Dialogue

As an outgrowth of the workshop, and in response to both enabling action four (4) and recommendations from the facilitators, the GRW initiated work on development of a UUCC approach to conflict management. The result is that UUCC is starting a Conflict Management Ministry (CMM), comprised of volunteer facilitators who will be trained on facilitation techniques and will be available, as needed, to provide facilitation assistance to those in UUCC who feel they need help to work through a conflict. The Charter for the Conflict Management Ministry can be found here. There will be more detailed follow up information coming soon about training for those who have an interest in facilitation, as well as publication of the process for requesting facilitation assistance.

UUCC now has a roadmap of Enabling Actions to move forward and has begun work on several of these efforts. Although there is much work to be done in many areas, with volunteer energy directed to these Enabling Actions, we have the opportunity to work together toward implementing the identified dreams that will support UUCC members in this community of faith.

It is up to us, the members, friends, leadership, and staff of UUCC to act so that we shape and achieve the envisioned results that we have worked together to define.

Thank you, UUCC!
GRW Committee

Footnote 1: These are only the initial Enablement Action Groups. We expect that they will morph and change, and we welcome congregants to add new ones. Each group has explicitly stated that they welcome and encourage new participants, and although each group ad a “convener” during the workshop, most would also welcome additional leaders or co-leaders. Additional information on the Enabling Actions and how to participate will be provided soon.


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