Group Relations Workshop — Updated FAQs

Group Relations Workshop — Updated FAQs

Last fall, the Board of Trustees launched a Group Relations Workshop Committee (GRW Committee) that was charged with developing and implementing a facilitated congregational workshop open to all UUCC members and friends on the topics of relationship-building, reconciliation, and trust-building. Read the Committee’s charge from the Board. 

After a rigorous RFI and RFP process, in March the GRW Committee recommended and the Board approved the proposal by the team of Brian Bloch and Will Tansey.    

Here are some FAQs in case you too are wondering, “What is a Group Relations Workshop?” and “Does it apply to me?” (It does!)   

What is the purpose of the Group Relations Workshop (“GRW”)? 

The purpose of the Workshop is to strengthen the connections within the UUCC community. The GRW will be a facilitated congregational session, with the purpose of “relationship-building, reconciliation, and trust-building; strengthening intergroup relations within our congregation; and developing strategy for moving forward together as a community of faith.”1 

Does it apply to me? Who should attend?

Yes! Everyone who is interested in the purpose of the Workshop and moving forward as a community of faith is encouraged to attend. 

Why are we holding this Workshop?

We want to improve relationships within the community for a variety of reasons. This includes issues identified by the Trust & Reconciliation Committee (TRC) through their work in 2020-2021, social media interactions, and the physical distancing, isolation, and disconnection from community we have all faced due to COVID and physical distancing.  

What do you mean by “Workshop”?

This “Workshop” will be a meeting led by one or more professional facilitators who facilitate discussion and decision-making on how to achieve the stated goals and objectives.  

When will the Workshop be held?

The morning of Saturday, May 21 and the afternoon of Sunday, May 22. 

Where will the Workshop be held?

Although we had hoped to hold this as an in-person or hybrid event, in order to include the greatest number of participants, this event will be via Zoom only (mostly due to the ongoing uncertainties of COVID). 

How will the Workshop be funded?

The Group Relations Workshop was funded completely from donations to the GRW Fund

If I have other questions or ideas, who do I contact?

Please email any input or questions to 

1 Footnote:  

In the Request for Proposals that was sent to potential facilitators, we describe the goals of the Workshop:   

  • Support reconciliation, strengthen relationships, as well as overcome the disruption from COVID-19. 
  • Strengthen interpersonal and intergroup relationships and with UUCC leadership. 
  • Build strategies for moving forward together as a community of faith that includes identified mechanisms to address conflict.


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