Grow Your Faith, All Week Long!

Grow Your Faith, All Week Long!

Children and adults may spend only an hour or two a week at the congregation, and yet we want you to be thinking about our faith, Unitarian Universalism, all day, all week. We have an amazing way of approaching the world – believing in the goodness of people, ensuring justice for all, taking care of our earth…. How might we continue to carry the Sunday message around with us all week? How might we help our children become proud Unitarian Universalists?

We also know that everyone has busy lives, and the outside world sometimes prevents us from spending even that one or two precious hours per week at UUCC. This year, we are committed to multiple ways of helping you bring your faith home each week – Full Week Faith. As part of our monthly thematic ministry, we will be sending home weekly affirmations – suggestions for one small way to live out your faith all week. The affirmations were started to help parents bring positive UU values into the lives of their children, but we quickly realized that those same affirmations could be used by adults, as well.

Watch for bookmarks on first Sundays (in September we’ll start with in-gathering on September 10th,) If you aren’t able to attend services, the affirmations will appear on Facebook and Twitter. They will come home with weekly emails to parents, along with information about the weekly lesson in your children’s classes. And they will be included in the weekly RE LINK. Take the weekly affirmations, and carry them with you. Think about your faith all week. Use the affirmations to change yourself and change the world.

Grow your faith, all week long!


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