GRW Enabling Action teams updates

GRW Enabling Action teams updates

GRW Enabling Action teams updates

During the May 21-22 Group Relations Workshop, we formed Enabling Action teams.  Here is a brief update on the status of the various teams as they are evolving.  If you are interested in any of these topics, all teams are welcoming new members!

Covenant of Right Relations

Several new people from the Group Relations Workshop Enabling Actions teams joined the ongoing CRR team. For more information or to express interest in participation in this developmental effort, contact the committee at or check this recent LINK article

Vision, Mission & Covenant

Our group had an informational and “get-acquainted” meeting July 6, where we also discussed the importance of Core Values discernment as part of our VMC process, and decided on some next steps.  We agreed to gather again on August 3, when we plan to discuss a portion of the book, The Nested Bowls, and review a proposal for a congregational process facilitation.  

We would love to talk with anyone interested and Lindsay Thompson can be reached by email ( or phone at (410) 274-6628.

Increasing Diversity in UUCC

The team is planning to have an initial Zoom meeting in August or September.   If you would like more information, please contact Barbara Wright Scott at

Conflict Management Framework

The team is working on a draft Charter for a proposed UUCC Ombuds Program.  For more information, contact Jennie Fitzpatrick at .

Monthly Joyful Gatherings

The Monthly Joyful Gatherings Team is planning to set a first date to meet in August or September. Our group hopes to support a monthly food-based gathering to provide regular space for our UUCC community to casually and joyfully be with one another… with food!

Contact Robin Slaw,, to get involved and be part of our first meeting.

Building a Community of Culturally Competent Communicators

Members of this 14-person team had a successful kickoff meeting in June.  We plan to meet again in September to firm up our mission and vision and to begin concrete planning.

We plan to rotate our meeting planning and management – but this summer, you can contact Laurie Coltri at for more information.

How to Invite People In – And Recognize their Abilities

Many people find UUCC in their search for community, but sometimes it is hard making that next step to find what UUCC has to offer and how they can get involved here.  Our group was formed out of a combined interest in the process of inviting new and returning members into our UUCC community and helping each person find what UUCC has to offer them as an individual with unique identities, abilities, interests, and backgrounds.

The team’s next meeting will be August 4th to finalize their name and work on setting some measurable goals now that they have a solid sense of what work they would like to do. 

For more information, contact Hannah Nelson at

Improved Congregational Engagement in UUCC Governance

The team believes that periodic reviews are important to ensure that governance mechanisms remain clear, effective and responsive to the needs of the organization as it evolves and as circumstances change.  We plan to consult references and experts, interview UUCC leaders for their views and benchmark best practices from other UU congregations.   Based on the results of this research, we would expect to work together with leadership and the congregation to propose any changes that seem appropriate.   Our next meeting will be via Zoom on August 15.

For more information or to join us, please contact Becky Reese at .

Communications & Social Media

Do you have experience working in communications or marketing? If so, you’re invited to join the Communications & Social Media Team, which will look to draft communications policies for UUCC, as well as create and execute social media strategies. Please connect with Sara Davidson: to express interest.

On September 4 at 11:30AM, we plan to host an interactive information session where you can learn more about all of the Enabling Action teams, and connect for conversation with a representative from any team of interest.


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