Guest at Your Table

Guest at Your Table

It’s time for Guest at Your Table, a fundraiser for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. If you weren’t here on Easter Sunday, when we distributed boxes to families, please see Kelli or Jen or Robin to pick up your box!

What is Guest at Your Table?

Guest at Your Table (GAYT) is UUSC’s annual intergenerational program to raise support for and awareness about our work to advance human rights.

This year’s program theme is Small Change is Big Change, with special emphasis on grassroots partners. UUSC currently partners with over 75 grassroots organizations on the front lines of critical human rights issues. Most of our partners have small staff sizes, and many are just getting started – but all make a big difference. This year’s guests include a leader of local efforts to respond to climate change in the South Pacific, a Burmese human rights activist, tenacity and impact in the face of persecution in Burma (Myanmar), and immigration detention conditions in the United States.

How Guest at Your Table works!

  • Each day, using the calendar on the left, make a donation to your box.
  • On Sundays, read a story about one of the projects supported by Guest at Your Table from the brochure.
  • On May 13th, bring your change (or a check made out to UUSC) to church and be thankful for all your many blessings!

Guest at Your Table Calendar—2018

Often at this time of year, it’s easy to focus on the things we don’t have enough of – time, money, leisure – and hard to remember how relatively rich we really are in the scheme of things. Please use this calendar with your family as a fun way to help us count our blessings and make donations to the UU Service Committee through Guest at Your Table.

  • April 1 – 10¢ for every hot water tap in your house
  • April 2 – 75¢ for every vehicle your family owns
  • April 3 – 5¢ for every pair of jeans your family owns
  • April 4 – 25¢ if your family subscribes to a newspaper
  • April 5 – 5¢ for every bed in your house
  • April 6 – 3¢ for every beauty or makeup item your family owns
  • April 7 – 3¢ for every pair of footwear
  • April 8 – 3¢ for every light switch in your house
  • April 9 – 20¢ for every tub/shower
  • April 10 – 10¢ for every flush toilet
  • April 11 – 2¢ for every bar/dispenser of soap
  • April 12 – 15¢ if you have dishes to eat off of
  • April 13 – 15¢ if you have cooking pots in your cupboards
  • April 14 – 5¢ for every window in your house
  • April 15 – 10¢ for every outside door
  • April 16 – 20¢ for every television in your house
  • April 17 – 5¢ for every magazine subscription
  • April 18 – 1¢ for every CD or DVD your family owns
  • April 19 – 5¢ for every meal you had meat with this past week
  • April 20 – 10¢ for every non-water beverage you drank yesterday
  • April 21 – 25¢ if you have a snow blower or a gas/electric lawn mower
  • April 22 – 3¢ for every item of hair care stuff your family owns
  • April 23 – 15¢ for every bedroom in your house
  • April 24 – 5¢ for every blanket in your house
  • April 25 – 75¢ if you have any holiday decorations in your home
  • April 26 – 1¢ for every plastic bottle in the house
  • April 27 – 10¢ for every item you bought on sale yesterday
  • April 28 – 75¢ if you have a dishwasher in your kitchen
  • April 29 – 10¢ for every meal you purchased from a restaurant this week
  • April 20-May 13 – 10¢ for each person eating dinner each day



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