Haunted House Sunday!!

Haunted House Sunday!!

Dear YRUU family –

This Sunday is the big day! Haunted House day! We will gather downstairs at 1 p.m. to pull the tarps out of storage. We cannot get into every room right from the start but we can start assembling things and getting the rooms ready as they are available.

We’ll have pizza arriving around 3:00. Since we’ll be there until around 8:00 cleaning up, you might want to make sure you also grab lunch before you arrive and use pizza and assorted snacks to sustain you throughout the day. 3:00 pizza should mean time to eat before you have to put on your makeup! Please bring $5 with you to help defray the pizza costs!

Thank you all so much for the hard work for this! I know everyone is going to have a blast. Please let Jen know if you have any questions!


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