Help bring UUCC’s Group Relations Workshop to life

Help bring UUCC’s Group Relations Workshop to life

Last fall, the Board of Trustees launched the Group Relations Workshop Committee (GRW Committee) to develop and implement a facilitated congregational event with the goals of strengthening relationships, supporting reconciliation, overcoming the disruption from the pandemic, and building strategies for moving forward together as a community of faith.

The Group Relations Workshop (GRW) is an opportunity for the entire UUCC community to come together and reset after a couple of extraordinary years full of extraordinary events. If you are able, please consider contributing to the GRW Fund we have set up to bring this event to life and will support the hiring of professional facilitators who will lead our workshop discussions. 

The Group Relations Workshop (GRW) Committee is accepting donations to fund a professionally-facilitated workshop for UUCC members & friends.  

Make your donation today 

Here’s what you need to know: 

How do I make a donation? The simplest way to donate is online via our Realm giving platform. Specify the amount you would like to donate, and select the fund “Donation” (it defaults to Auction). In the memo line, please indicate “GRW” so that your donation will be directed to the workshop. If you are unable to donate online, you may write and mail a check to UUCC; again, please specify “GRW” in the memo line. Donations of any amount are welcome, and as usual, all donations will remain confidential. 

Do I need to donate to attend the Workshop?  No! The workshop will be free for all UUCC members and friends to attend. This is an event for the UUCC community to build connection and strengthen trust, and we want everyone to attend. That includes you!

How much do we need to raise?  The Workshop will be a full day event facilitated by one or more professionals with specialized training and experience in working with groups. The work will require significant preparation, planning, and follow-up with the GRW Committee, the Board, and Executive Team before and after the Workshop.  

Although we will not know an official cost for the workshop until we receive bids and then negotiate with qualified facilitators who are interested in working with us, we believe the costs will fall in the range of $10,000 to $20,000. This amount is higher than we first expected, but is based on feedback we received from the RFI process.

When do we need to raise the funds? We need to know how much funding is available in order to negotiate appropriately with the potential facilitators. That negotiation process will begin in early March. Make your donation today.

If I have other questions or ideas, who should I contact?  Please email 


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