Help for Asylum Seekers

Help for Asylum Seekers

Julissa and Nestor

Julissa and her son, Nestor, age 6, are Honduran citizens seeking asylum in the U.S. from domestic and gang violence.  They are now living in Howard County at the home of Roz and David Zinner.  The family is also being supported in many ways by Columbia Jewish Congregation and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia.  Julissa and Nestor arrived in early April and are adjusting well to life here, although Julissa recently lost her baby at 7 months.  They are grieving but still trying to move forward with adapting to life here in the U.S..  They are being sponsored by Roz and David Zinner who are working with SURJ, Showing Up for Racial Justice, which coordinates with the shelter on the border.

Currently, Julissa is trying to raise funds for her immigration attorney fees for her asylum case.  She is making Cherapy Heat Pillows to raise money for her attorney fees and would greatly appreciate it if you would consider buying one for yourself or a loved one.  You can buy one here.   Alternatively, please consider giving a direct donation via Realm. Click on the drop-down and choose “Refugee Family.”  If you would like to help with the care of this family, please contact Roz Zinner at:


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