Help us welcome our guests!

Help us welcome our guests!

Next weekend (Friday, Sept 30 — Sunday, Oct 2), UUCC will host an Our Whole Lives (OWL) facilitator training for adult levels.

In order to create a welcoming, nourishing space for our hardworking guests and put our love into action we invite you all to consider picking a date that works for you to help pick up, prepare, or clean-up food. Please use the SignUpGenius button link below to do so.


What is OWL?

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is an excellent, comprehensive sexuality education program that offers people the opportunity to explore their values, gain accurate information about topics that are often not easily accessible. The overall goal of the Our Whole Lives program is to help participants gain the knowledge, values, and skills they need to lead sexually healthy, responsible lives. We are proud that our congregations recognize that in order for people to grow into spiritually whole, mature individuals we need to address the topic of sexuality. The material on Sexuality and Our Faith connects our religious beliefs with sexuality, spirituality, and issues on justice.


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