here, there, and everywhere

here, there, and everywhere

Good afternoon, UUCC!

Oh wow, there’s a lot going on in so many different directions. What a flurry of stuff (ending of our congregational and school years, Annual Meeting on Sunday, graduations, Paige leaving at the end of June while we prepare to welcome an interim minister in August, etc.) And so it’s in this spirit of juggling that I share a smattering of musings to capture some of the places my heart and mind are dwelling these days.

  • I love our new mission statement — UUCC embodies love in action. I’m grateful for the care that has gone into generating our new values, mission statement, and ends (goals). And I also hope we all know this is something we are striving to do, rather than something that is declared and just happens. It’s all words until we prove it by embodying our values in our everyday living so that we can change ourselves enough to enact some change in this messy, broken, hurting world. What does it mean for us as individuals and as a community to embody love in action in a non-performative way in our lives in a more bold way? This dying world calls for bold, daring, transformative love and new ways of being brave and offering solidarity amidst despair, fear, and hate. How will we embody love in action to draw the circle wider and wider into the realm of the Beloved Community that does not exist and is yet to be? I hope we do and will believe in ourselves and each other enough to lean into this call.
  • Back in December, I wrote about The Work of Christmas by Howard Thurman. A poem I cherish and reconsider every winter, despite not even loving Christmas that much. It’s now the end of May and for the very first time, this year the poem keeps tugging at me beyond its seasonal resting place. It’s as if the words are jumping out of the page and trying to grab my attention in a long-term way. This is because the work of Christmas appears before us, always there, whether we care to engage or not. It’s not just a reading that makes us feel good around Christmas. There is a timeless and ongoing charge in the poem that demands that we put our love for humanity and the natural world into action. I guess in many ways I find our new mission statement to be pointing us to the work of Christmas, with UUCC striving to embody love in action. Let’s strive!
  • I heard this song recently and wanted to share. I hope it eases and soothes your soul like it does mine. Isn’t music the best? 
  • I’ve had a lot of shifts in my personal life over the past four years. I started working at UUCC in March 2020, we had the pandemic, I separated from the father of my children, became a single parent, moved, and discovered I was both genderqueer and pansexual. All this journeying and expansion has been for the sake of creating a life I feel is authentic and worth living, and it has been hard and meaningful personal work. For those that don’t yet know or are unsure, I want to affirm that my pronouns are they/she. They have been for a couple years. I prefer they; it feels most true to how I feel about myself. Please use it when you refer to me. Thank you!
  • And finally, perhaps just like you, I both can and cannot believe Paige is leaving at the end of June. I’m so grateful for Paige, and our time together. I’m grateful for her grounded, loving, gentle yet strong, wise presence. She’s also cool, which is great! I mean, have you seen her new arm tattoo or article in Braver/Wiser from this month? It is a rarity that a congregation gets to spend this length of time with a minister and I hope we all know that in many ways this is a very important gift that this congregation has been bestowed, and that many congregations never have this privilege and level of steadiness. I often question whether many UU ministers have what it takes to swim through that many waves with that level of grace and love. May we all be intentional about processing our feelings about this transition, and make sure to find time and space to connect with Paige before June 30!

🌈 With love,
Sara (they/she)

P.S. The cover photo is my most recent collage. I was inspired by the idea… “how can we build a better world if we can’t imagine it?” Here is the full collage below! Fun fact: The sun was created using half of a huge chocolate coin that Shepherd devoured.


  1. John Guy

    Hello Sara – Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for life ,for your embracing it in your way ,and especially for being with us at UUCC . You are a great ambassador of all that makes UUCC such a great loving community . . I see these transitions you declared about UUCC life as giving us great momentum for the next wave of life and action for the growth of the congregation . UUCC has a magnificent opportunity for being the beacon of liberal religion throughout central Maryland . Many thanks John Guy

  2. Celonia Walden

    Thanx Sara for your inspirational words! You are a RockStar! I am blessed to know you! Keep on Pushing the Positive!

  3. Christine Crandell

    Sara, somehow I just got around to reading this. Thanks so much for your personal and uplifting words. You are truly a special person, and UUCC is so fortunate to have you.

    Also, your collage is beautiful and obviously inspired. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork!

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